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Hi, I have an excel sheet with thousands of rows four individual persons and hundreds of columns of categories. Each four consecutive columns can be clubbed as category. I want to do an analysis of this excel sheet and come up with an output as mentioned below in the sample.(Excel attached)



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Not sure I would do this with thousands of rows & hundreds of columns (I would rather look at restructuring the sheet to enable this analysis and potentially other ones) but see attached file

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For best analysis change your structure from crosstabular form into a flat table:

Person - Category - Sub - Type - Value


Then it is just a matter of a quick pivot table.


@Haris1234 Since you mention "thousands of rows and hundreds of columns" I'd suggest you take a look at Power Query to flatten your data, as suggested by @Detlef Lewin . 


From there, you can create the desired output within Power Query, in Power Pivot (Data Model) or in a regular pivot table.


All of these are demonstrated in the attached file. 


Another Power Query + Power Pivot option (attached) in case you would need to analyse on others than A

Thank You All.
Flattening file and pivoting worked for me
formula enter in excel sheet


Species nameFrequency %DensityRelative frequency (RF)Relative density(RD)IVI=RF+RDni/N
Paspalum sp855.413.2192846#DIV/0!  
Cynodon dactylon6510.910.1088647#DIV/0!  
Dracocephalum moldavica783.912.13063764#DIV/0!  
Centella asiatica403.156.220839813#DIV/0!  
Alternanthera sp502.45#DIV/0!#DIV/0!  
cyperus sp502.85#DIV/0!#DIV/0!  
Eclipta sp50.45#DIV/0!#DIV/0!  
Spilanthes sp351.05#DIV/0!#DIV/0!