Excel Formula No longer working (PC)

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I've been using a simple formula to track my bank balance for years. Suddenly this simple addition and subtraction formula is no longer working on line 1934. Result is "#VALUE" instead of the calculation. 


I thought that I might have exceeded the number of usable lines in a single worksheet so I made a copy and tried deleting all but the last 300 or so lines. Same result. How do I fix this?

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Could you please share the formula and clarify if it works in all rows but 1934.

Hello Sergei - The formula is +G120-D121+F121. The formula worked fine on all lines prior to 1934. After that I get the #VALUE! response.
Interestingly I just manually calculated the correct result and inserted the number on line 1934. After that the formula works fine on all succeeding lines.


Great to know you sorted this out, thank you for the update.

Most probably you had text instead of number in one of the cells used in formula.

Thanks. I'll take another look at the source cells for the formula.