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Trying to create a formula that will sum a dollar amount from another worksheet in the same workbook while filtering two types of criteria.


=SUM(Table1[MRR]) /COUNTIFS(Table1[Status], "red", Table1[Primary CSEP Identification],"<>Contract Renewal - within 3 months")


The sum is supposed to be the total, the status identified as red and excluding Primary CSEP identification of contract renewal. What am I missing?

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You have not applied any filtering to the summation which I assume to be the point of the exercise.


=SUMIFS(Table1[MRR]), Table1[Status], "red", Table1[Primary CSEP Identification],"<>Contract Renewal - within 3 months")



@Peter Bartholomew 


Thank you for your reply and help. I tried this formula during this process and again with your comment, however I recieve an error back stating "You've entered too few arguments for this function".



Then I assume you have not actually provided the 5 parameters as suggested.

Check carefully that you have conformed to the syntax


Table1[MRR]),  {the range to be conditionally summed}

Table1[Status],   {the first criterion range}

"red",   {the value you required for the first criterion}

Table1[Primary CSEP Identification],  {the second criterion range}

"<>Contract Renewal - within 3 months")   {the value you required for the second criterion}

with commas separating the arguments.


@Peter Bartholomew 


Thank you Peter, I have tried this formula many times but when you broke it out like that I re-wrote it, as you spelled out. This worked!! I must've missed a comma somewhere or something small since I have been looking at it for 3 days :).


Very much appreciate your help and walking me through it!


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