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We need help please help us as soon as possible

I need a formula that can find the district from the address list and output it to another column?

Microsoft Excel 2007 version 

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If you want us to help you. please provide detailed and specific information.



The data appear to have different layouts - some have commas and others don't. And the district name may consist of one word or of multiple words. So I do not see how we could extract the district from these data.


So what changes do I have to make to understand this?

Whatever data we have is of this type.


Do you have a comprehensive list of the names of all districts in all states? That might help (but probably still not solve the problem completely)


You may download list of pincodes from here All India Pincode Directory | Open Government Data (OGD) Platform India or any other resource which provides such information, add info into another sheet of your workbook and lookup district based on pincode from that sheet.

I don't think that pincodes are updated frequently.


I have no idea how to download the file by going to this link. Share with us the direct link of the file on which we can click and download the file.


Link was returned by Google. You may google for other sources if this one doesn't work for you.