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Hi,  I run a National Photographic Salon every year and have for the past 3 years built up an Excel DB for the Results.  This consists of each year being put on a new page.  I am trying to get a formula together that will enable me to click on a link that will call up the image from a folder.  There are 4 categories or class codes OPMN, OPCL, NATR and CRTV.  The images are title thus (DI-OPMN (according to class)-001161-01659-001273.jpg).

In my spreadsheet i have columns titled 'class-code' and 'filename'.  They are the 2 columns i am interested in.  at the moment i am using the formula '("\NDPS UK Salon\NDPS UK Salon 2018\Judge Images\DI\OPMN\"&U183,"Open Image")  this opens the image in U183.  By dragging the formula down the spreadsheet it will auto change the relevent U column figure.  What it will not do is read the class_code in the class_code column so i have to manually change that.  Help would be appreciated.

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