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Hello, I am looking for an excel formula that will return a range of results from another tab ONLY if certain conditions are true.

For example, I have a list of 60 clients on tab 1, with their name in column A and their location in column B.

I am looking for a formula that will populate a range of cells on tab 2 listing clients from tab A, only if they are in location X (for example).

I have tried the IF function, but I don't want any results to be returned if the conditions are false.

I have also tried VLOOKUP, but that formula only returns the first client name on tab A that meets the conditions, or, it will provide a "FALSE", "#NA" for any clients that aren't in location X.

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Unless I'm mistaken, the FILTER function would work. It does require the most recent version of Excel, however. Here's a YouTube video by a Microsoft tech person, and it does an excellent job of explaining how to use FILTER


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Excellent! This function worked!
Luckily I have the newest version of excel so the 'Spill' functionality with dynamic arrays helped even further.
Thanks for your help!!