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I am having a problem with a formula designed to calculate a commission rate that is taking 30% of the gross revenue.  There is a minimum amount of $50 if the gross revenue is $50 or less.  My formula is calculating properly, but putting in a value of $50 for all cells where the gross revenue has not been entered.  I need this to be zero until an amount is entered into the gross revenue column.  


How can I edit the formula to show zero (or leave blank) until data is entered in column Q?  This should be an easy fix, but I am drawing a blank?  Thank you for your help!!

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@ederdzinski Try this.


and copy down. 

Thank you for your help!  I am still seeing 50 in column S.  Could that be caused by the formula in column Q that is subtracting revenue from expenses?






I also see that the minimum value of $50 wasn't calculating properly.  I changed the formula using the MAX function, but still receive the value of 50 when no data is populated in column Q (which does have a formula subtracting values in column P from column O).






Hi @ederdzinski,


Please try this formula in column Q:






* formula in column S (not column Q), sorry

@ederdzinski Sorry, my mistake. Try this in S11 and copy down.



That did it!  Thank you for your help!!



@ederdzinski Happy I could fix it for you!