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I at best a novice with Excel so I am reaching out for help. I am trying to calculate hours based of of a letter code for an activity and need the formula to calculate a sum based of of the letter in the cell. Here is a rough way I understand to write it to explain it. I know these are not even close to working formulas for Excel. 

IF B3=G Then +1 in AC3 

IF B3=A Then +1 in AD3

IF B3= R Then +1 in AE3


I have many other cells that will have the letters A,R, or G in them and I am trying to calculate how many of each of these letters there are throughout the sheet into another cell. i.e. total number of "G" in cells B3,K3. But those letters could change to A or R in those same cells and I want the new letter calculated in a different cell. 


Attached is what I am working on.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.







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Try something like this (See attached Excel File):


The formula I used can be simplified:









Thank you so much!! Saved me a ton of time. 

Always happy to help.  Please feel free to post back to the community if you have further issues!  This forum is a great resource!

The Matt Mickle's formula must be entered in individual cells (AC3, AD3 and AE3) and later drag it down. You can use instead, in AC3:


And later drag it right and down. Blessings!