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Hi, I need hide the column D7; to D37 In window 10 which the data no entry from B7 to B37. I can hide whole column but I cant hide the which I need not shown when no entry at column B. How do I can make it hide?

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You cannot hide just a square set of cells within one column or row. Why do you want to do this?

@Deleted , as workaround you may apply conditional formatting - if nothing in B apply same font and cell color (e.g. grey one) in D, otherwise no such formatting.


Thank you sir, I already apply the conditional formatting. Thanks for you advise.

Original worksheet I will keep, but for manual record I need to pass to the production line. they will write the record. The day they record, balance will calculate by their self. that why I need hide the D records.

@Deleted , you are welcome

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