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I'd like to create a formula that either sums columns D2 through H2 OR D2-G2 plus I2. In other words, for the second option I want it to skip H2. Can this be done and if so how do I do it? Screen shot attached.

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That could be

=SUM(D2:CHOOSE(<skip H2?>+1,I2,G2))

where <skip H2?> is formula/value for your logical condition


Sorry, that didn't work. Let me try to explain this better. I want a formula for cell C2 (Total Score) that does this:

IF H2>0, then C2 =SUM(D2:H2).

If H2<1, then C2 =SUM(D2,F2,G2,I2). 

could you please clarify, if




what it'll be in such cases


I'm sorry but are you  aware that IF H2=0.5 ( or 0.2, ...) the two conditions are accepted ?

they intersect!



H2 will always be a whole number. If H2=1 (or greater), then C2 should =SUM(D2:H2).


 in this case you can try this:    =IF(H2>0,SUM(D2:H2),D2+F2+G2+I2)

Ahmad, the formula you gave me ALMOST works, but for some reason A student who chooses option 2 comes out at a 90 instead of 100. See attached.

Hmm...this seems to work!!! Wow, thank you so much!!

@prr924  You are welcome 

Oops, I spoke too soon. It still doesn't work. See screenshot attached. Test Student Option 2 should be a 100. The next row down is a real world (not perfect) score and should be an 82 but it's scoring out at 74. 

Another variant is



I know this stuff is way beyond my basic skill set, but why would I want to subtract the value from E2?

Since based on your requirement if H2=0 you sum

@prr924 wrote:

then C2 =SUM(D2,F2,G2,I2). 

other words all from D2 to I2 but E2 and H2.

H2 is zero under this condition, thus you need to substruct only E2 from full sum.

I skipped your latest sample, it looks like you sum D2:I2 independently of H2. What is your exact logic?

try the formula below:




If I use this formula 


that gives a total score of 100 for all three rows. 


This is an assignment that has two options. Students can either write a paper on a finished research project (option 1: scored in column H) or they can write a paper presenting 2 hypotheses and a research plan (option 2: scored in columns J-L which are then summed in column I). They will have a score in column H or column I, never both. 


All students, regardless of which option they choose, will have some points in columns D-G that need to be included in their total score. 


Maybe this just can't be done? 

Sergei, I don't want to delete E2--there should always be points in columns D-E, plus points from either H or I (not both). Removing E2 from your formula leaves 


=SUM(D2:I2)*(H2=0) results in a score of 0 for Test Student Option 1 

=SUM(D3:I3)*(H3=0) results in a score of 100 for Test Student Option 2


Both should be 100. 

please find the attached 

If only one or the other of H2 or I2 has a non-zero value, i.e., a student could't have marks in both Option 1 and Option 2, then just using the formula 




should always work.