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Hello! I need help trying to make a worksheet do something. I have a worksheet that is calculating a budget. It is broken out by 'Description' (column A) and into 'Projected Cost' (column B) and 'Actual Cost' (column C). In cells O and Q I have the actual 'Actual Cost' (column O) and the 'Description' (column Q).

I want to have the 'Actual Cost' (column C) in my budget break out to automatically update by matching the 'Description' (column Q) to the 'Description' (column A) in the budget breakout and then copying the 'Actual Cost' (column O) to the 'Actual Cost' (column C) in the budget break out.


Can someone help me figure out how to do this?

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@sheila1089 I created a small example (attached) based on your description and used SUMIF to sum (in col C) the actual cost (col O) with the budget (col B) based on Descriptions (col Q). See if this works for you. If not, come back here and perhaps upload an example of your real workbook (remove any confidential information, though).


@Riny_van_EekelenHello! thank you so much, this worked!!!! I do not know how I did not think of this but I appreciate your help!