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Hi, sorry a real beginner here trying to be better!! I want to add certain column's together but the formula adds the last column twice and I don't know why. 

I am using this formula =SUM(D11:D14:D19) D19 has been calculated twice, can anyone advise please?























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You must separate individual cells from each other with a comma. Areas are separated with a colon. So you have used ranges but probably wanted cells.




As a comment,

=SUM( D11:D14:D19 )

works the same way as

=SUM( D11:D19 )

, i.e. sums all values in the cells from D11 to D19. It shall not to sum D19 twice.


You should separate the ranges you want to sum with commas like this: =SUM(D11:D14, D19).

This way Excel will sum the values in D11 to D14, and then add the value in D19 without counting it twice.

Thank you very much @leecol102 

Thank you very much

@KazMcCoy_2010 , you are welcome