Excel Formula Help - Conditional Formatting a cell based on specific text in two other cells

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Hi team,


I am hoping someone can assist in figuring out a formula that will allow me to quickly audit a large amount of data.

Ideally I need to conditional format a cell (C1) only if (A1) contains "HOME" and (B1) contains any letters, or alternatively, if cell (A1) contains "AWAY" and (B1) does not contain a letter.

- any cell in column (A) with "HOME" should have only numbers in column (B)

- any cell in column (A) with "AWAY" should have a mix of numbers and letters in column (B)

All discrepancies I need to highlight so we can identify and correct


I have attached an example of ideally what I need, but if anyone has a formula that would work or has a work-around I would appreciated the assistance.

Example Picture (1).PNG

Thanks, Sean

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@SeanC3 Example attached! Used two separate rules. One for "Home" in A AND "not a number" in B. The other checks for "Away" in A AND "a number" in B.