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I have this spreadsheet of employees who work either 6 hours or 2 or 3. With 6 being a full day and 2 or 3 being part days. I need to find out for each employee whether the days that they worked were mostly full days or part days. For example if they worked 10 days how many of those were full days and how many were part days. My real data contains several thousand entries as it is for hundreds of employees over a full year

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@robywoo I would create a simple pivot table as in the attached file, summarizing the number of days for each number of hours (2, 3 or 6).

Thanks Will give that a try

@Riny_van_Eekelen Hi again Would this be the best way to filter for all employees who have done more full days than part days? Plus if the member has done 2 or 3 hours both are part days so would it be most efficient to change the number of hours to 6=F and any other number of hours as P, then do the pivot table then the conditional formatting and then filter the ones I want?

@robywoo Personally, I would not replace the hours with F or P, but you could add a column for it. Then you will keep the hours, just in case you would ever want to sum hours per employee.


Perhaps the attached workbook does what you need.