Excel Formula for auto numbers

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I am in need of some help.  I have a string of text that I have put together and need a final unique number at the end.  So for example ABL267 is strung together and will be used again I need a nonrepeating number that will be at the end. The table below is an example the id column I would like to be automated. Thanks for the help.

FIN# Product FamilyFixture ComponentManufacturing ProcessMACHINE #id
ABL267A001 ABL267A001
SFA485A001 SFA485A001
ZWM262A001 ZWM262A001
ABL267A002 ABL267A002
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See the attached workbook. I used one extra column.

That is fantastic thank you. I was trying to do that but I was getting errors.



@Hans Vogelaar