Excel Formula - Filter 2 Rows of Data and then Subtotal a 3rd column.

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I am looking to create a formula that will filter 2 Separate columns in the same bulk data, and the totals the amount left in the 3rd column. 


I have 3000 Rows of data, Column B has "Dollar Amounts”; Column D has "Names”, Column E has the “Lost, Won, Open”


Thoughts? Help?

I've Tried, not successful


=SUMIF('Individual YTD'!D:D, "Name", 'Individual YTD'!E:E, :Lost",'Individual YTD'!B:B)


=Subtotal,9('Individual YTD'!D:D, "Name", 'Individual YTD'!E:E, :Lost",'Individual YTD'!B:B)

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=SUMIFS('Individual YTD'!B:B, 'Individual YTD'!D:D, "Name", 'Individual YTD'!E:E, "Lost")


  • SUMIFS instead of SUMIF.
  • Arguments in different order.
  • "Lost" instead of :Lost"