Excel Formula Blocking adjacent cels. Very Frustrating.

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So I've been using Excel since it was invented. I am far from an expert but I use basic formulas all the time. I am using Office 2016 but only started using it a couple years ago when my CD Roms of an older version wouldn't work in Windows 10.


I use the mouse whenever possible to create formulas but as you can see below the cels on either side of the formula are blocked out. If I want to use those cels as part of the formula I have to manually type them in. Before switching to 2016 I never had a problem. I could use the mouse to make formulas in adjacent cels no problem. 


I'm hoping it is a setting. I've search for articles, looked through the options pages and I can't find a solution. Is there a solution I pray? What can I do to stop Excel Formula from blocking out adjacent cels?








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Try editing the formula in the formula bar instead of in the cell itself.

If you prefer editing in-cell. you can probably use the arrow keys to select a cell to the left or right of the cell with the formula.

Thanks for replying. I can get the formula done by typing in the cel or formula bar. and thats what I have been doing (under protest). My goal is to just use the mouse like I did for lotsa years until I had to upgrade to Office 2016.

The arrow idea sounds cool but I tried it and it highlighted a random cel a few rows up. I used the arrows on the number pad right side of keyboard plus I tried the arrows to left of keypad, same result. Was worth a try though.

It's happening again, aaagggh. Here is another example. I need to use the mouse to highlight the figure in the cel covered up by "SUM(number1...etc). With Office Professional 2000 this was never a problem. Somehow MS decided it was an improvement to take that capability away from us. They figured it's an improvement to figure out what cel that it is, then type a bunch of formula stuff. 


I use alot of formulas this constantly frustrates me. It's not the most terrible thing to figure out what cel I need then go type a bunch of stuff. If I had never done it the easier way I wouldn't care. But to me it is just ludacris that an improvement (or at least a newer version) comes along and things become more difficult.




If you are editing a series of cells, edit from the bottom up.



Not sure how that helps as the issue occurs as soon as I input formula. As you can see from scrnshot above the cel on top of the formula is covered up. Thx.

@shipdriver1540 - i know exactly what  you mean, and how frustrating it is.  Spreadsheets and formulas can be simple, but this results in increased time to enter.  i usually select and adjacent cell and then correct the formula once it is entered