Excel Formula Bar Color

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My Formula Bar background is Blue and the text is Black.

How do I change the Formula Bar background to white or no color?

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Can you upload a screenshot? I haven't heard of being able to change the formula bar appearance. Is anything else mis-colored?


File > Options > General > Personalize.... and then select the color theme as desired.




Your recommendation changed the color of the bar at the top but not the color of te formula bar


This is new for me and I suspect that it is more related to your Operational System setup than Excel configuration.

The highlighted spots, their colors come from the Operational system.





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I just had this issue and we fixed it by changing my theme color on my desktop. Under the control panel and appearance.. once I changed the color of my theme/background it changed they color of my "system" which changed the color of my formula bar in Excel.. very dumb but.. it worked...@Juliano-Petrukio @RetiredOldMan