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Hi All, 


I am relatively new to trying to create formulas. And use excel help, but cant find an answer to this question.... alsoI have no idea how to post a copy of what I am doing in here like many other users have. I apologise...

So here is my question(s);

I use an excel spreadsheet as a template for invoicing.

I have created lists and use drop down menus to select the customer name and accounts etc. easy as!
If I have a customer who doesn't appear in the drop down list but I want to add them, without adding them to my permanent list is it possible?

For example, I have used "other" in the drop down list..... but this doesn't let me add an actual name cause it creates an error saying it isn't an allowed value. (ie doesn't appear in the list)

What I'd like to be able to do was select other from the drop down list and then when other is selected, it could prompt me to enter a free text name? 


Hope that I am clear enough to make sense and look forward to your help! 
Thanks in advance! 

How can I adapt this?

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Hi, Mick! Please try the following:

- go to the cell where you have the drop-down list

- Data > Data Validation

- on the dialogue box, activate the tab "Error Alert"

- under Style, choose "Information"

- Under Title, you can write: "Name not listed"

- Under Error message, you can write: "The name you entered is not listed yet. Would you still like to use it?"

Now test: enter a name that does not exist on the dropdown list on the cell with that data validation rule. You get a warning, but you are allowed to add a name that does not exist on the list.

You can also test the Style "Warning."

I hope this helps. Good luck!





Hi Celia,


That solution has achieved the same thing. Thankyou for your help! 
much appreciated. :-)




Awesome! You're welcome! I am glad that I could help. :-)
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