Excel Formuła Multiple Building selections, Consolidated in one Cell

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So I am at a loss of what forumla to use. I have sent out a spreadsheet to my team that has 5 different buildings. I put the building names as the column header at top. If those individuals selected with a “x” they need access to those buildings. Now I am trying to figure out a formula code in a new cell that calculates all the buildings they put a x under. Any ideas on what to use? 

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There are always--ALWAYS--multiple ways to get to solutions in Excel. And one key in figuring out which of the multiple ways is the better (or best) is to know how the data are arrayed, what the process is to use that data, what is expected by way of output. Although you've given a bit of a description (names of buildings across column headings), we don't really get a full image of the rest of it.


Is it possible, therefore, for you to post a copy of the actual workbook--just making sure it doesn't reveal any data that should be confidential (create a facsimile if necessary)--posting that working workbook on OneDrive or GoogleDrive with a link pasted here that grants access.


Something like this?


= LET(
    accessRequired, IF(access = "x", building, ""),
        LAMBDA(emplAccess, TEXTJOIN(", ", , emplAccess))