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I have email contacts list saved on notepad and pasted on Excel sheet but when I pasted it, it will be on one cell only. I would like to separate it by cell. I have tried the Text to Columns using delimited separator space but it will not work on my email contacts list. Please advise. 


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@Matthew_Owen How exactly does the Notepad file look like? Perhaps the fields ar not separated by a "regular" space.

You can find out about the separator by splitting the text into its individual characters and the CODE function.

The attached file contains an example. One string has a regular space (character number 32), the other has a line feed (character number 10).

Splitting the text was done in two different ways. One using SEQUENCE (in C1, will work for you if you are on a recent Excel version). Alternatively, the formula in H1 (with helper column in G, and copy down) will work in all versions.