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Hi guys,
I have used custom formatting to add the country code to a number cell. So for eg. Original was 6123456789 and I have customised using 0031000000000 to get result 00316123456789. However, I now want the cell value to be 00316123456789 and not keep the old value. This makes it easier when uploading telephone contact lists. At the moment, when I do this, it changes the value back to the original.

Do you know how I can convert the cell value permanently?

Many thanks for your time and input!
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I do not think this is possible with cell formatting as this option only deals how your value is being shown not the value it self. However you can add a helper column and create a formula like this (assuming your numbers are located in column A):

="0031" &A1

to convert your number to a string starting with 0031. If you need this to be a number then you can try below formula:


however this time you need to change cell formatting to show this number as desired.

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