Excel Formatting by Color

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I'm looking to change the color of a cell based on the color of the cell directly to the left of it. I already have the cells to the left changing color based on a word in the cell using conditional formatting and it works fine. I have to change the cells by hand on the right. What can I do to make them change together?

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If i correctly understand what you want to do it's only a simple change of the rule for conditional formatting.


In the attached file the rule


highlights both cells C3:D3.




would only highlight cell C3.



I tried using your formula in a different part of the sheet, however, it didn't even change the main box. Is there something I am doing wrong? See attached photos for sample formula and the one I use for the actual coloring. Formula Used.PNGMicrosoft Help.PNG


In formula it shall be $F19, top left cell of the selected range






For the actual conditional formatting i tried above rules and it works in my spreadsheet as shown in the attached file.

Can't believe I missed this. This fixed the issue, thank you.
This fixed it perfectly. Thank you for your help