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Hi, I have a chart for an proses I am developing. It contains serval sections that consists of steps. I what to make a column chart where the three sections are built up by the consisting steps.

The purpose of the chart is to et an overview of hove many units are at each step and the total in each section, but I can’t get the formation to be as I want it, Se image

Img 1.PNG


The probmels are in the tabel under the chart. As of now, all data is on the last two rows, and there are som extra nots for the first section. 
This is how i whant to have it...

IMG 2.jpg

 How do i make it?

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I don't think you can do that with the data table of a chart.

Instead, create a range of cells below the chart with the layout that you want.

If I understand ou correct, to have the chart and table as two seperat entetys?


Yes, that is correct.

@Vikber be careful with stacked bar charts. Not having a common baseline can lead to faulty comparisons.