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My Excel 365 displays all Numbers entered into cells as Text and I cannot change that 

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Please check if cells are not formatted as text and Show Formulas is switched off


Hi Sergei, Cell formatted as number and Show Formulas switched off. The ISTEXT() function still returns a yes and I can not perform calculations on the cell/s.


Is that on any file or on some specific one? Perhaps you may share sample file with such formatting?

Sergei I figured it out. Goto File, Options, Advanced and go down to System Separators and unmark. Now change the Decimal Separator to a . and the Thousands Separator to a , (comma) and then Mark or Tick the System Separators again. When entering Numbers use the decimal . and the system will recognize the input as a Number. Thanx


I see, thank you for the update. You may change default regional settings for your Windows as well.