Excel for Web FILTERing data from another Workbook (stored on SharePoint)

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Hi Everyone,
I am here to ask you for your advice on refreshing data between multiple Workbooks.
See, I have a Source Workbook which includes a list of all our clients. There is one of my employees responsible for each client.

The Table in Source Workbook looks like this:

Client nameEmployee Name
Client2 Employee1
Client3 Employee2
Client4 Employee3
Client5 Employee1
Client6 Employee3
Client7 Employee2

I have created a separate Workbook for each employee. Using FILTER Function, I was able to create a table containing only the clients of the concrete employee. Thanks to the FILTER Function, the table is able to refresh itself when a change in Source Workbook happens.


The problem is that my employees only have Excel Online / Excel for Web (not the PC App). Because of this, the FILTER function cannot even load the data from the Source Worksheet.

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem? I was thinking about Power Query, but I am not sure if this would work. Moreover, the Source Workbook (and Employee Workbooks) are stored on SharePoint. As far as I know, Power Query does not work well with cloud stored documents.
Please help.

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Yes, in Excel for web so far Power Query doesn't work with external sources. That's only to wait for promised update.