Excel for Mac stops updating share prices since latest update

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I have an Excel spreadsheet that tracks some stocks with a macro that does a 'Refresh All' every minute. I noticed it stopped updating the data sources a couple of days ago (which I'm pretty sure coincided with an Excel update), I just tried the same spreadsheet on a Windows machine and it works perfectly so it would appear to be a problem with Excel for Mac itself. It's not a problem with the macro as it also doesn't update if I manually 'Refresh All'. Anyone got any ideas please?

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Update, it's started working again this morning... hey ho, that's life!

I have this issue as well.  I get an error message that says excel needs me to log out and log in again, which doesn't solve the issue.


Having the same issue with Excel for Mac since November 16, 2022 - Asks me to log out and log back in.   Did that but still will not update stock prices @Betsyjm