Excel for Mac: no thin lines in Excel 2016 and 2019

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Dear all

We've had great problems after updating form Excel 2011 to 2016 and later 2019. All the thin or even 1pt-Lines in an Excel-Worksheet print out horribly thick, both as PDF and Print-Job, and even from "Save as... -> PDF). Even newly made documents exhibit this behavior. We have to keep an old slowly dying Laptop around with Office 2011 installed for any file that needs to be printed, which hinders our mobility a lot.

I've seen some posts in other forums pertaining to this issue, but no resolution has come fourth. Answers in the Microsoft-Channel in MacSysadmin-Slack has only lead to "stop printing sheets"-related comments.

I have attached an example of a PDF-file that reflects the printed result.

I'd be happy 

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Additional info: support-case 1030681038, I was directed here to find help.

We have the same Issue, since years.
I even returned my new iMac 2020 and bought a 2017 model to still install Mojave with Excel 2011. It is a disapointment @JuergOmlin 

Any news or Update in sight?