Excel for Mac installation deletes formulas while opening

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I currently observe an odd behaviour with an Excel for Mac installation (version 16.54):


When I try to open certain xlsx files, I get the warning that some problems with the file were detected. After "repairing", Word opens with a warning window that some user-defined XML elements are not supported by Word. The Word document itself then tells me that formulas were deleted.


I  tracked down which formulas were problematic: In one file a DATEDIF calculation, in the other file a long, but simple formula for radioactive decay correction. Both have worked flawlessly for years, and until a few days ago at least, also on this computer.


Funnily, when I open the same file on a different computer with the same software release of Excel for Mac (16.54), I cannot replicate the problem.


I would be grateful for helpful suggestions!


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the problem has resolved spontaneously....

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and now it has reappeared, not only on Excel for Mac installations, but also on Windows installations, and also with a different Excel file: Now, it was not willing to accept my conditional formatting rules.

This instability is really worrying, so I would be grateful for any helpful suggestions....

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