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I have an older excel file originally created in Windows. I am now using axel for Mac on a MacBook. The Insert Chart menu is greyed out. Problem appears to be with the file parameters as the insert chart menu is active with a new file. What should I do to make the insert chart menu active?

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The old workbook may have been saved in a binary file format that does not support Excel's current chart tools. To update the workbook, in Excel use File > Save As and change the format to Microsoft Excel Binary workbook (.xlsb). Then you should be able to use the chart tools.
The file was originally saved in .xlsx format on a Windows version, I saved as .xlsb on my MacBook and I still couldn't access the chart tools.
Check the Review tab of the Ribbon and click Protect Sheet and see if any restrictions have been turned on.
2 of the boxes are checked, "select locked cells" and "select unlocked cells". All other items are unchecked.
Unfortunately, Windows Excel has a couple more options. If you add a new worksheet to the workbook, can you use the chart tools?
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No, the chart tools don't work on a new worksheet. I can copy a worksheet into a new file and the chart tools will work.
Hey! No Fair! You beat me to it the next thing to try. It sounds like the workbook has some sort of corruption in it. Try copying the worksheet to a new workbook. Yea! It works!