Excel for MAC - how to lock hidden tabs without disabling Get Data (Power Query)

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I have built a spreadsheet that relies on calculations performed in tabs that I need to hide and lock to protect my IP.  However, when I "Protect Workbook," it disables the "Get Data (Power Query) --> Launch Power Query Editor" function.  That function is necessary for the spreadsheet to work because the user has to upload data files into Power Query Editor to run the calculations in the spreadsheet.  


Is there a way that I can lock hidden tabs so that a user cannot access them without locking the full workbook?  Alternatively, is there a way to Protect Workbook without disabling the Launch Power Query Editor function?  


Please note that this is Excel for MAC.  


Thank you for the help.

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I think you should create queries that the user does not need to edit, tie the user-editable pieces to named cells and get the value from those cells in your query..