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I'm pretty new to Excel. Thanks for the help.


I do not have a "Table Tools" tab. I went to Excel>Preferences>Ribbon and can not find anything resembling Table Tools to add. Would someone be so kind as you tell me exactly what I need to do to find and add Table Tools?

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Not a feature I am familiar with but did you see the guidance here? This shows have to access Table Tools, worth trying anyway: 


Where are the Table Tools?


Yes, Table Tools is dynamic - it appears after you create the table and focus on any cell(s) within the table

I'm moving this question to the Excel space for better visibility. 

Hi Lisa,


The Table Tools tab is a type of contextual tab that appears only if there is a table in the worksheet and the selected cell is within the boundaries of the table.

So if you select another cell outside the table boundaries, the Table Tools tab will disappear!


Hope that helps


Was this ever resolved? I can't find them anywhere on the Mac version of Excel. In Windows - they're there the instant you select a cell in a table. On the Mac, it simply doesn't seem to exist.

Even when searching for some of the functions in the ribbon under 'tell me' the topic is greyed out and can't be read...