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I am having issues with my footer in Excel. I am trying to change the footer information. Currently my footer is Issue / Version# (Left hand side), Page Number (Middle), Initials_______ (Right hand side). I am wanting to get rid of the left hand side info (Issue / Version#). I delete this and make it blank, but then every time I save the Excel document it reverts back to Issue / Version# straight away. My doc is Marco Enable and I was wondering is this is causing this issue. If anyone has any ideas please let me know .....

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@Sam_evans1340 To detect if your footer is macro-based or not, instead of deleting Issue/Version #, you could try to replace all of your footer with, say, Date & Time on Left pane, Filename on Middle and Page # on Right (whichever icon available for footer) then save your document. If it does not show your new change, it means a macro behind the scene (likely triggered by Before Save event) is actually generating your footer and you could not override it by manually editing footer.