Excel fomula not showing results for some cells


In the spreadsheet attached, the formula appears in each cell but it doesn't work in some of them. I thought the copy/paste would would accross all cells that had data in them.

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@marty007 Better to upload the file in stead of a PDF. Then we can see what's going on.


I've uploaded the actual file. Thanks.

@marty007 Cell D5 has a space, therefore VLOOKUP returns a space, thus a seemingly empty cell. D6 is empty, therefore VLOOKUP returns 0. F7 looks up Eddie and VLOOKUP finds the first Eddie in the list (on row 6) and thus also returns 0.

You could combine the First and Last name into one column to overcome the latter problem.


I now understand about the 2 Eddie names. I will concanate the names. Thanks. How can I tell that D5 has a space and D6 is emply? Both cells appear blank and the formula bar is also blank for each cell?

@marty007 Put the cursor in the formula bar and press <backspace>. If it moves towards the left there was a space. Otherwise enter =ISBLANK(D5) in a free cell. If it comes out TRUE, it is empty. If it says FALSE it is not.

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Wow! that was extremely helpful. I will pay more attention when entering data in the future.
Many thanks.