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.  I wonder if you are able to take the chart in the “Q1 Focus List Merch” tab and turn it into a simple drop down process so an Inbound agent can easily select the machine and when selected show the corresponding  consumables (called Pack & ship in this file) they can sell with the durable product

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See the attached version.

Hi hans its not working for me also I thought if I select the item# it will give me accompanying dispener


In what way doesn't it work? Do you see #NAME! ?

The drop down is not working for me and I thought the drop down will be item number and it will show the description and accompanying dispensers


That's not how I interpreted your original question. I'll take a look later.


Can you explain more clearly what you want?

@Hans Vogelaar What i would love to have is a dropdown that will correspond to accompanying machine dispensor and vice versa . 

So if I select wb412546 I will get 244290 and if I select 244290 I will receive wb412546 as the first line shows. hope this clears it up


I can't help you with that, sorry.

if not the other way around is it possible to set it where if I select the item number I get the accompanying dispenser


Yes - see the attached version.

it is showing me #NAME?
regardless of what I select


The formulas I used work in Excel in Microsoft 365 and Office 2021, and in the browser.

Which version do you have?

@Hans Vogelaar i have office standard 2019 do i need to do something on my end for it to work 

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Here is a workbook that should work in all versions of Excel from 2007 on,