Excel - five variables - HELP!!

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Hi all,


I need help with something.


I have variables and would like to set up a formula which automatically put in the result.


The first five are my variables. Each variable has different options. The last one is my result.

How can I set up the formula?


Thank you for your help!



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Please delete your post and write a new one.

Consider providing a sample workbook with the intended result.



What is the logic behind for the result?


You have provided the criteria you wish to satisfy but failed to describe the data source that you will need to select from.  Assuming you have a table with the same headings as your criteria, you could seek the first match or list multiple matches

"First match"
= XLOOKUP(TRUE, BYROW(variables = required, AND), PREISAUSCHLAG)

"List of matches"
= FILTER(PREISAUSCHLAG, BYROW(variables = required, AND))