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I use a DELL XPS with 4K monitor and I have the following issue. When I open the drop down window on a filtered column I can see (in addition to rows like sort, filter, text filter and so) only three data rows neverthless there is more space on the sheet. So I have to enlarge the drop Windows but if I close it and reopen again the size still the small one (not the enlarged one). This is very time consuming when I have to use a lot the filters. 




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Although I find your list is indeed short, I'm afraid this cannot be changed and neither can you make Excel remember the resize. I suggest you post a suggestion on excel.uservoice.com and get people to vote. At least Excel should remember the size for the current session if you ask me.

I have the same issue. Use filter frequently and would like to know how to fix this.

Same issue for me. Three years later, is it solve?
Have you tried removing any frozen panes or splits (View tab) to see if that changes it?
No i have the same issue as a lot of Excel workers with filters; If your column is smaller than the numbers of character's you want too see, everytime you have to enlarge it in the down right corner of the display window instead of having an autoadjustment display with the larger field of the list until you change that display window to your convenience.

Create a screen-shot of your issue, paste that screen-shot in an empty Excel file. Then click File, Feedback, I don't like something and explain your issue and check the screen-shot box. If everyone with this problem does so, it'll get their attention.

Thanks, I did it. Is there a way to paste my snapshot into the answering box? its not working.
No, the snapshot box always takes a shot of the current window, so you best paste the snapshot on that window prior to clicking the feedback button, as I wrote above.

At least, it should look at this :





Waiting for a solution on this since long.
found a solution for width of a combo box but not for filters