Excel filter by cell value

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Hello experts!
I had to reinstall a excel and lost one of my fave functions. I had on my toolbar an icon which looked like a funnel that filtered a sheet by the cell value. This was faster than right click > filter ny cell value. I cannot find that icon now. Any ideas?
Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Select File > Options.

Select 'Quick Access Toolbar' in the navigation pane on the left.

If there is a check box 'Show Quick Access Toolbar' and it is clear, tick this check box.

Select 'Commands Not in the Ribbon' from the 'Choose commands from' drop-down.

Select AutoFilter, then click 'Add >>'.

Finally, click OK.


Thank you so much! I searched and searched for that but did not see it. I will search again!
Thank you. I did find it eventually!
Thanks again for your help!