Excel files are very slow

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Some Excel files are very slow. I tried the solutions in all the articles on the internet but no result. Can you help me ?

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Download my RefTreeanalyser from https://jkp-ads.com/reftreeanalyser.asp
After installing, click the "All sheet statistics" button, it will time the calculations for each worksheet. That should narrow it down to the slowest sheet(s).
If you purchase a license you can narrow it down even further by clicking "Report formulas", that will list all unique formulas and their calculation time. You can sort the resulting table on the calc time to get the most "expensive" ones.



It would help avoid redundancy if you listed what all those internet solutions are that you tried. Also what is characteristic of your files: size, complexity levels, etc.


There is no magic solution to your situation. The only thought I have is to ask whether you've run across the warnings about using so-called volatile functions. Here's a list.