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I am looking into protecting my excel workbooks.  Following the examples given online, I can only "Protect Current Sheet" or "Protect Workbook Structure."  Why aren't the other options available?



Always open read-only

Encrypt with password

Add a Digital Signature

Mark as final





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Are you using the desktop version of Excel for Windows? If so:

What do you see if you select File > Info > Protect Workbook?


If not: which version/platform are you on?

I'm using the desktop version.  I have an Office 365 subscription that is always up to date.  

I think I was experiencing one of those temporary Microsoft glitches.  The security options all work now - suddenly.  I probably just had to close Excel and reopen it.


Thanks for the response.






@Hans Vogelaar 


Yeah, such things happen, Glad it's working for you again.