excel file password protection

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Hello. I used Information menu to protect my Excel file with a passowrd and saved my file. when I open the file I am not asked to input a password.  Do you know what is wrong?


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I use Tools>General Options in the "Save As" dialog box to input password, it's very helpful.



@ridha92  there are many options under that menu.  which one did you use?  there are some that protect the sheet or the workbook structure.  I think the one you want to use is this one: Encrypt with password.





Thanks for  your answer.

In fact I tried this option but it works only for xlsx file.

For csv format , the Password fields are not accessible.


So my conclusion is that the protection password options is available only for xls(x) format and not csv.

that is correct. csv does not support password protection. you could zip the csv file and put a password on the zip so they need the password to open the zip file to then access the csv.