Excel file links stop working on other users Window 10

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I have created an Excel spreadsheet that uses a UNC path to access and load data from another file.  The UNC path works properly on the PC on which I had created the spreadsheet.   When a co-worker (With a new Windows 10 PC) opens the spreadsheet with the UNC path link nothing will display (all files are open on the staff members PC)  All three files reside in the same directory and the UNC path linking is pointing specifically to that directory.  The staff member's old PC (Windows  had no issues opening the three files and updating the links with accurate data.  Does Window 10 have issues using a UNC path in a cell formula for retrieving the values from the other files?  Attached image is the working example from my Windows 10 machine using Microsoft 365.  Staff member's PC is running Microsoft Office Standard 2019.

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@Gerry Poppe 

To be sure, are these folders are synced with OneDrive/SharePoint on any of these machines?

The files are located in a Network share. The other staff member was able to successfully use the file using her old PC Windows 8. When we moved her onto the new PC and Windows 10 is when the failure appeared. Our IT manager has indicated that nothing has changed on her rights or mapped drives which she had previously.