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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to wave off Excel as anything but the leader in the world of spreadsheet computing. Even the all-powerful Power BI succumbs to Excel’s versatility and provides for the “Analyze in Excel” functionality to remain most relevant. Among its highly endearing features is the simple grid of rows and columns which intersection creates the cell that provides the seat for the formula. Very simple concept, easily understood by almost anyone.


For me, the best feature of Excel is Power Query, then comes the group of functions where LAMDA leads the array of LET, UNIQUE, SORT, FILTER, DYNAMIC ARRAYS, DATA TYPES, etc. However, to maintain its global position, these functionalities shouldn’t be restricted to only the 365 subscriptions. There’s a large percentage of adoption lower down the demography that must be catered for by cascading the features of the 365 to the desktop/standalone versions.


It is being discussed that EXCEL may get introduced into the Power-Verse digital ecosystem (the Microsoft Power Platform), and assume a most deserved "Power" prefix - EXCEL -> Power-Fx




What do you think?

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