Excel Error "No more new fonts may be applied. Please close some other documents and try again"

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Bother question Excel H&B 2019 : Alert " No more new fonts may be applied" every time edit cell. File size is not that big ( 7xx KB ) but have 16 sheet ( in sheet have many formula and link )
This problum can fix by which method?

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There has been an MSKB article about this, but has been unpublished since. So I guess the problem has been fixed in an update. First thing to do: update Office by running Windows update, including updates for other products.
Still no luck? It might help to disable autoscale for all of the charts ( Format > Selected Chart Area > Font)
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@Hans Le Roy 

Hi, Hans


Thanks for the answer.

For MSKB article about "Error New font". I found and read but Link to Microsoft web is lost "not found page" ( found article in Office 2007 ).
Update : Windows and Office update to current complete.
I search in google found an article about this error, at takling autoscale in chart, but my excel file don't chart.
I try use excel in safe mode or use this excel file in other computer ( same windows10 and office H&B2019 ) but problum.
I uninstall Office, delete folder about Office, reboot and reinstall still found the same error
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@Methpong I have to say I am absolutely sick of this problem as well.

I have found that when I have 3 Excel documents open at any one time it happens.

Unfortunately because of my workload I always have at least 2 open & this is killing me!!

In the "old days" you used to be able to have multiple documents open without hassle, but now ..??

I am using an Apple MacBook Pro, which I recently updated it because I thought the problem might be because of insufficient RAM or storage. Guess what? It isn't !!  

The only thing I can do is to Force Quit on Excel & start again.

All Office & Apple system updates are up to date.

Is it possible that Microsoft could actually listen to their users, because I'm just about ready to throw them out & try another option...

Because so many people have had this problem over the past few years, I would think Microsoft would/should do something about it !!


Hi, FloJo21
     Till now the problem has not been solved as standard from Microsoft. Fortunately, all my problematic files There wasn't much data, so I fixed it by copying the data to a new file on every page and set formatting it again. after trial Haven't found the same problem yet (but it's a bad approach).

Thanks Methpong, I appreciate your quick response :)
Unfortunately it happens with most of my files, so recreating a few doesn't help (although I had done that with the files I use most often).
I just wish Microsoft would look into it as a lot of people seem to have been having this problem & it isn't going away..
Got the message popping for weeks and getting in the way of my productivity.
Try this:

File / Info / Check for Issues / Inspect Document

and fix the issues found.

Seems to be working for me.
Hope it helps.
Thanks for the info.
I'm using a Mac, so using your suggestion searched for "error issues" & it found quite a few, even though as far as I was concerned there was nothing wrong with them.
I said "ignore" to each & I'll see whether excel crashes again.
I appreciate your help 👍🏻
Hi, i have had this problem too. I made a quiet huge datebase in excel (4,5mb) , and then i experienced this problem multiple times on 1 document opened from time to time, less often however when i have had opened 2 documents at same time, then the "no new fonts" error make any work impossible to carry out. I dont know why the problem occurs but i think i might have found solution to it, at least cure. What I did with my document is that i simply opened second blank document (alternative) and then i have copied every spreadsheet i needed onto new worksheet by simply left clicking on each spreadsheet on the bottom tab, select "move or copy" and in the menu thick "copy", select to which document it has to be copied - in this case new blank sheet. and press ok. Then entire spreadsheet have been copied into new blank worksheet, you repeat it with every other spreadsheet. you need, then close old bugged document, and enjoy new copied document. I dont know what i just did, but it works for me. It seems like i kind of reset the memory, cache or something, because it dont bug me everytime now. However i do not guarantee if problem will not appear again if you will continue to add new fonts/formulas or formats. Because it definetelly has something to memory.

Hi @Dominiko93 

I really appreciate your responding to my comment.

Unfortunately I have already copied the sheets I could (& deleted/moved those I could do without) & recreated my file, but I guess I could try it again??

My file is ½ MB, so not as large as yours, but it does have multiple sheets.

I am finding if I have 2 files open at the same time I get this issue & have to Force Quit.

I am VERY frustrated about this issue as it is happening on a very regular basis & am not impressed that MicroSoft haven't fixed it yet. (At least I HOPE they're looking into it??) 

Remind me again why I'm paying for a subscription???!!  :(

@FloJo21 it's frustrating indeed. The error definatelly is related to multiple data, it might be because you have got multiple references to other cells, or I found there are issues also when you got formulas on merged cells, for e.g if you have 6 columns merged into one cell it seems like excel doesn't like it. What you can try, is to copy the sheets onto new document, but copy it the way I explained, not manually by copying and paste. Also you can try to limit the ammount of sheets of possible and divide it into let's say 2 documents. By this way you limit the data beeing processed at 1 time and so chance to bug your document with no fonts error. 

@ruibm suggestion to fix problems within the doc also worked for me - The spreadsheet had a few circular references and formulas that were bonked, File > Info > Check for Issues > Inspect Document located the issues and we repaired each. The ambiguous font error also disappeared when the formulas were corrected and updated. If you close the file in question and open it back up, it should present you with a message indicating the underlying problem with the document. Fix the errors, save the file and close it. Once the error message disappears upon reopening the file, you should be able to continue working on the file without seeing the font error again.


Thanks for responding & your suggestion.

I am still getting the message & if I have 3 Excel documents open at any one time I have to Force Quit Excel (I know it sounds a lot, but it was never a problem in the past to have multiple docs open..)

My issue is that I do get the message that I have circular references, but when I check each of the formulas they are correct!! They are just sums of cells.

I have tried "ignore" so will see what happens next!!!