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I am doing a course in excel and is following the instructions to a T.  But after as instuckted to put $ signs in the selector cell bar and drag it down.  It gives me errors.


I am trying to add the customers info on sheet 2,  sometimes it even works on the second line but not any further.  with a little green corner 

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@Sandra_Ludick Not sure what you are trying to achieve, but when you put the dollar signs in the lookup range as well you will get a result. But it will be the same for all as rows as the lookup value (A7) is also fixed by the dollar signs.





If it is at all possible.  I would like to mail you my excel sheet then I can explain to you what is happening.  It seems that 3 of the cells has some sort of value in that I can't get rid of.  Thank you very much for your reply.  Much appreciated.

@Sandra_Ludick Have sent you a DM

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don't worry figured it out.....