Excel Encryption Error

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OS: Windows 10

Excel: Version 2304 (Build 16327.20214)


Myself and a few staff members, that use Excel daily, are experiencing this error when we open a document that is hosted on a server. The issue just started this morning, and I'm a bit perplexed because its the very first time the error has appeared for blank documents and previously created documents. 


The error is....

"Encryption Support: We are unable to connect to the data source using an encrypted connection. To access this data source using an unencrypted connection, click ok" 


When I click OK, the error goes away and I can continue on working in the workbook, but I'm concerned that down the road, there might be an issue arise due to this error appearing. 


The connection to the data source has not changed nor were there any changes made to impede the connection.  If anyone has any insight or advice for the this error I would appreciate it very much :)


Thank you.

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I guess that's not Excel itself, internet secure connection to endpoint is not configured properly. As variant it was on TSL 1.0 protocol which is depreciated now. Or some changes in configuration. That's better to discuss with IT, they shall know better.