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I have an Excel spreadsheet with names that have a hyperlink for their emails. 


I want to see the emails as a column, not just when I roll over or click. 


Is their a way to do this? 

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Use the HYPERLINK function. It requires the arguments "HyperlinkAddress" and "Display name". Assume that your table contains the e-mail addresses in column A and the corresponding names in column B. The list starts on line 2, as in the following figure:


nikolino@nik.deNiko Lino
niko@nikolino.comLino Duo
niko@lino.comLino Italia
Nikolino@com.orgItalo niko


Then enter the following formula in the cell in which the hyperlink should appear (for example cell C2):


= HYPERLINK ("mailto:" & A2; B2)   in english : =HYPERLINK("mailto:"&A2,B2)


The addition "mailto:" means that your e-mail program is opened after clicking the hyperlink. The formula enters the email address behind it. You pass the text that is displayed in the cell with the argument B2.

Now simply drag this formula down and you will get a new column in which all mail addresses can be clicked immediately, as the add file shows: Open it


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If you have cells with links, to extract the latest is only with VBA, please check Can I use an excel formula to extract the link location of a hyperlink in a cell? - Super User