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When I tap a linked email address in an Excel spreadsheet, it opens a new Google Chrome webpage. How do I set it up to open in my Yahoo! email account with a new email?

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When you click on an email hyperlink in Excel, the default email client or webmail service associated with your operating system will typically open. If Google Chrome is set as your default web browser, clicking on an email link may open a new Chrome tab.

To configure Excel to open email links in your Yahoo! email account using your preferred web browser, you can try the following steps:

For Windows:

  1. Set Default Email Program:
    • Go to the Windows Settings by pressing Windows key + I.
    • Select "Apps" and then click on "Default apps."
    • Scroll down to the "Email" section and choose your preferred email client or set it to the web browser you use for Yahoo! Mail.

For Mac:

  1. Set Default Email Program:
    • Open "System Preferences" on your Mac.
    • Click on "Internet Accounts" and set your preferred email client or webmail service as the default for email.

For Excel:

  1. Check Hyperlink Formula:
    • Ensure that the email addresses in your Excel spreadsheet are formatted as hyperlinks. Right-click on the cell with the email address and choose "Link" or "Hyperlink." Enter the email address in the link address field.
  2. Clicking Email Links:
    • When you click on the email link in Excel, it should now open your default email client or webmail service, depending on the changes you made in your operating system settings.

Additional Tips:

  • Yahoo! Mail as Default Email Client:
    • Some operating systems may not directly support setting a webmail service like Yahoo! Mail as the default email client. In such cases, setting your default email client to a browser (like Google Chrome or Firefox) and using the browser for Yahoo! Mail might be the most convenient option.
  • Copy-Paste Email Address:
    • As an alternative, you can copy the email address from Excel and paste it directly into the "To" field of your Yahoo! Mail when composing a new email.

Remember that the behavior of email links can also be influenced by browser settings. Make sure your browser is configured to handle mailto links, which are used for email addresses. Check your browser settings or extensions that might affect how email links are handled.

If you encounter specific challenges with Yahoo! Mail, you may want to explore Yahoo! Mail settings or contact Yahoo! Mail support for assistance. The text and steps were edited with the help of AI.


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