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I'm logged into O365 however when I open a shared excel file located on sharepoint it shows my changes to the excel file to be another user.  Can anyone help correct this?   I've logged out and rebooted with same results.

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Excel shows wrong, blocking user in "Document is in use"?

If I have understood it correctly and it is so, then you will find the suggested solution below.

But if I am totally won over with the translation, please ignore my contribution.


Suggested solution:

If you delete the "~" file, the information will be displayed correctly the next time it is opened.

If you take a look at the "~" file with an editor, you can see that the editing user is noted in it.

Most noticeable is the outdated creation date.

In general, you could search for such files on your file server and delete all files older than two days!


Why the wrong name? When you open an Office file, a temporary file with a "~" in front of it is created in the same directory (e.g .: ~ $ Mappe1.xlsx). This records which user has opened the file. Normally the "~" file should be deleted automatically after it is closed. No NEW "~" file can be created the next time it is opened and the user information is retained. If another user tries to open the file, the outdated information is displayed.


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