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I need to extract the same names from 4 columns. Example:


      A               B                C               D

1    Arnold      Lulu           Benoit       John

2    Boyd         John          Dennis      Henry

3    Cutter       Suzie         Lafave       Lily

4    Fleming    Ruth          Manning   John

5    Manning  John          Norman    Henrietta

6    O'Sully     Peter          O'Sully      Mark


In this simple example, only one full name comes up, it's Manning, John.


How would I do this in Excel?


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How you consider/detect only Manning, John is full name? Why not Boyd John or Benoit John?

Thank you for responding so quickly.

I need to find the same person (ie same person registered to 2 different associations).


Use FILTER() function with XMATCH(). See the attach file.